Affected Population

Male : 876993 | Female : 821480
Total : 1698473

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Male : 90 | Female : 44
Total : 134

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Male : 13 | Female : 09
Total : 22

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Sector Wise Loss


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Nepal is in a state of panic as floods and landslide triggered by heavy monsoon wreak havoc in several districts of Nepal. The government has already issued Flood warning In Terai Region. As the water level in Koshi, Kankai, Kamala, Badganga, Rapti and dozens of other small rivers and streams has gone up above the risk level, flood Forecasting Section of Department of Hydrology and Meteorology issued a warning requesting people to take precautionary measures for possible floods in many parts of plain areas of Nepal. Koshi’s flood is getting higher and large numbers of people have already been evacuated to the safe areas.

The water stage in Koshi and Kankai rivers has already reached the danger degree and a similar situation is in other rivers. With the monsoon stress is constructing near Chure and Terai, there will probably be more rain during the monsoon season. To limit the problem of flood, Nepal has requested India to open all the doorways of Koshi barrage to prevent any similarly damages.

Flood have historically resulted from a combination of the natural factors in Nepal like continuous rainfall and cloudbursts, snowmelt and rainfall, glacial lake ourburst floods and bishari (breaking if dams caused by landslides falling directly into rivers. This year’s heavy rains were result of the monsoon through, an elongated area of low pressure that formed parallel to the foothills of the Himalayas; presence of low-pressure and the entry of moisture from the Bay of Bengal that released significant rains on the southern parts of the Chure range and the mid-hills.


Sector wise loss

Sectors Damages
Social Sectors NPR USD
Housing 19512.7 187.9
Health 620 6
Education 1193.8 11.5
Productive Sectors    
Agriculture 7213.8 69.5
Livestock 10670.4 102.7
Irrigation 17460.1 168.1
Infrastructure Sectors    
Transport 2937.8 28.3
Water and Sanitation 887.7 8.5
Energy 220.3 2.12
Total 60716.6 584.62